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Organizer IconOrganizer 2.24 at the Wakefield Risc Os Show

Saturday 16 April  

**Also available as Organizer On A Stick, loaded on to a memory stick/emulator, for use on a PC

Now on a 4Gb USB stick with the latest programme versions (RPCEmu 8.14, RO 5.22 and Organizer 2.24)

NEW IN v2.24: Organizer now has improved facilities to work with Sine Nomine's RiscOSM mapping software and enhancements to iCal import and Notes, and the Planner launched in v2.23 at Wakefield last year.

Organizer's Map for Post Code, launched at the 2014 London show, allowed users to find locations on a map with one click if RiscOSM was installed on the same machine. Sine Nomine's Nominatum software, being launched at the 2015 London show, allows locations to be found based on a full address or part of an address. Once again, shift-adjust-click in Organizer will launch RiscOSM to the location, even if the post code is missing or wrong.

The Planner pages, launched in Organizer 2.23, show a simplified view of the Diary in a table format, as an aid to longer-term planning. The Planner will display up to 12 weeks at a time. Now users can edit Task alarms directly from the Planner, instead of having to return to a Diary page.

In addition, there are improvements to iCal import of calendars so that you can add or cancel All dates instead of accepting or rejecting each one individually. And for heavy users of the Notes feature, you can now sort the Notes index.

Other new facilities in v2.2x include Cloning, so that users who want to access their data from different systems on a local network can now do so easily and securely. A new feature in 2.24 means that Task alarms can be set for specific machines.

Organizer 2.2x contains all the old features of Organizer - Calendar, Diary, Anniversaries, Address book, ToDo section - and in addition now you can:

  • Start the week on a Sunday for the Diary and Calendar
  • Order the Addresses by Organisation/Contact name 
  • Now possible to use 16-million colours instead of just 16
  • Improved operation of Export scripts for email lists, labelling etc
  • Opt for a single-page display to save screen space.

FULL PRICE for Organizer 2.24, for new users and users of earlier versions of Organizer is £35. The upgrade price from v2.23 is £15 and from v2.2x £30.


 Discount prices are available at the show and online for a limited period: New users £30; upgrade from v2.23 £10 and from v2.2x £20.

Organizer On A Stick

Version 2.24 is also be available on memory stick, loaded on to the RPCEmu emulator for operation on Windows PCs.

Show prices are: full price £30 (normally £40); and upgrade from v2.23 £15 and from v2.2x £25. This includes the zip file for loading on to RISC OS systems. Organizer On A Stick has been upgraded to latest versions of RPCEmu (v8.14), Risc Os (v5.22) and Organizer (v2.24)

Among the more than 170 changes from v2.10, there are also a host of minor enhancements, such an improved Calendar layout, the ability to change fonts in Choices, and more flexible units for Alarm setting (hrs:mins etc). In addition, there are many bug fixes, particularly to resolve issues with the growing number of RISC OS platforms. And of course, those who upgrade to Organizer 2.20 will receive free updates and continuing email support.



Organizer IconAbout Organizer

Organizer is a personal information manager for the RISC OS operating system, which runs on all versions of the operating system (Risc OS 3.5 and above), on native ARM-based systems or under emulation. It contains all the main features of an Organiser - Calendar, Diary, Anniversaries, Address book, ToDo section, plus Notes and Journal facilities - within a simple, user-friendly graphical interface. To see what it looks like, see the Screen-Shots. It is developed by Martin Avison for North One Communications Ltd.


Cog IconThe main features include:

  • Calendar
  • Diary, including alarm database and task alarms
  • Anniversaries
  • Address book
  • ToDo section
  • iCal Import/Export to exchange Diary data with programmes such as Google Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird and MS Outlook
  • CSV import/export of Addresses from/to other databases
  • Iconbar clock: analogue, digital, free memory display
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time switching, it even knows the dates
  • Hotlinks to Web-browsers and Mailers
  • Multilingual. Currently, including English, German, French, Dutch and Icelandic
  • Interactive help, plus StrongHelp and HTML, PDF, and Writer manuals
  • How to do it guides to key new features


Cog IconKey features added in Version 2.1x:

  • Add thumbnail pictures into the Address Book
  • New easier-to-use Address Book data-entry window
  • Improved handling of multiple Diary entries
  • Choice of colours and borders for the iconbar icon
  • Many other small improvements and bug fixes.


Cog IconAnd now with Version 2.2x:

  • Option to start the week on a Sunday for the Diary and Calendar
  • Facility to order the Addresses by Organisation/Contact
  • Now possible to use 16-million colours instead of just 16
  • Improved operation of Export scripts for email lists, labelling etc
  • Option to have a single-page display to save screen space.

Organizer 2.2x works with all current machines and RISC OS 3..50 or later, including Raspberry Pi, the Armini, BeagleBoard and PandaBoard systems, and the Virtual Acorn and RPCEmu emulators.

All these functions with an attractive graphical and easy-to-use interface - and more to come, with regular bug fixes and enhancements for registered users.

Please send suggestions for further improvements by email.


Organizer IconHow to get Organizer

There are two versions of Organizer currently available:

  • Version 1.59 is shareware so you can simply download it to try out the basic programme. (It's also needed to upgrade to Organizer 2 from versions earlier than v1.59.)
  • Organizer 2.24 costs £35 to new users and £30 to registered users of Organizer 2.2x. (£15 from v2.23) Click here to order.